Sword Security

Green Field Sites

The risks and troubles of green field sites are well known to most readers of this website. The pleasure of the outdoor, the smell of the grass all contribute to the sense of anticipation. But so often the facilities are only temporary, an added danger in itself, let alone the risks of uneven ground, the unfamiliarity of the audience with their surroundings. Luckily Sword Security have unique experience and skills which can assist you in the preparation of a green field site event. We do not shy away from presenting our vision on the lay out and the proposed use of equipment. We have experience in the communication requirements of mass green field site events, the need for a general infrastructure, the need to communicate with local authorities, the police and the many other stakeholders. From Oxegen to Glastonbury we understand the nuances and essential attention to detail required to help you deliver your event safely.

If you require peace of mind contact us to discuss your requirements.