Sword Security


If you are a venue operator you want quality and consistency. You expect your supplier to do his work in terms of event profiling. You expect your supplier to constantly strive to improve the product, you expect the conversation per event to be about the specific manpower requirements for this event based on ticket sales and risk.

Sword Security brings international experience to the table from the European mainland and the UK, from the Irish Republic and Brazil We have experience in live entertainment like very few others. Experience from small music venues to large Arena’s and massive Stadiums. Backstage as well as front of house. We bring acquired skills not only from football, Rugby, Golf, Swimming and many other sports, which is vital as every sport culture differs. Sword Security is a powerhouse of knowledge which we challenge you, as a venue operator to tap into. We are eager to join your team!

If you require peace of mind contact us to discuss your requirements.

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