Sword Security

Global Events

As a Major supplier of Crowd Management and Stewarding services to the London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 Games Sword appreciate It takes a special breed to be successfully involved in multi day multi sport global events. The project management skills and energy required to deliver on time, on spec and on budget one-off security and crowd management solutions is a hugely challenging undertaking!

Not only are the organizing committees often scrutinized more than any organizer, they too are often ad-hoc massive teams, National pride and legacy invariably play a key role. Governments, suppliers, politicians and organizers bond in a unique way to deliver not just an event but often a unique and lasting legacy for the city and country involved. The recruitment and accreditation process is like no other, the decision process often more complicated than at any other event, the public scrutiny beyond belief and the approval process for the planning and delivery unique and complex.

Sword Security have graduated with flying colours in the Global-reach Events. From Europe to South America we have supported and still support national and local organizers directly, sensitive to their specific needs and risks. We understand their organisations, their ambition, their fears and risks and we provide them with sensitive, timely contracted services both of the managerial and manpower kind.

London Olympics 2012 - Event Security