Sword Security


The delivery of crowd management to global events depends most and foremost on the early stage planning in close cooperation with the operation partners within the organizing body, combined with solid project management skills of the operational management, vast training resources themed to the vent and impeccable automated systems and procedures to control and administer the entire workforce paid as well as volunteers.

Sword Security has proven that it can deliver many hundreds of thousands of hours to a single global-reach event without being compromised publicly by negative press or security breaches. This is in no small part due to the genuine commitment of everyone within Sword Security, including the top-level directors, to delivering the best crowd management possible to this niche industry. We pride ourselves in motivating our staff by respecting every single one of them, by stimulating their involvement and by providing them with a clear direction as well as a motivating pleasant working environment. We are after all a peoples company!

If you require peace of mind contact us to discuss your requirements.

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